LA Times Attacks Cherish CA Children for Defending Women’s Health

LA TIMES: Opposition to non-doctors performing abortions “farfetched” and “breathtakingly disingenuous.”

On Wednesday, October 9th, 2013, California’s pro-abortion Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 154 into state law. Introduced by former abortion clinic director Assemblywoman Toni Adkins (D – San Diego) AB 154 allows unqualified non-doctors to perform surgical abortions.

LA Times author Robin Abcarian praises the bill in a recent article titled, “New California abortion law: More dangerous than skydiving?” In this article, Ms. Abcarian levels an attack on the pro-life legislative opponents of the bill, naming Cherish California’s Children and executive director Steve Macias, calling their reasoning, “farfetched” and “breathtakingly disingenuous.”

Back in May, Cherish California’s Children organized and led the “Coalition to Oppose AB 154” citing concerns for women’s health as the principle reason for their opposition.

“Abortion is a complex and risky surgical procedure. Surgeons are normally required to complete 12 years of training in order to practice,” said Steve Macias, executive director of Cherish. “Women deserve real health care from qualified physicians and surgeons, not untrained and under-qualified abortionists.”

Cherish united women’s health and ethnic organizations, including the Sikh American Action Center, Consumers for Choice, Hispanic Values Union, and California ProLife Council to lobby against the bill’s passage.

While Adkins claimed the bill was to expand access, the LA Times admits that only one percent of California’s women lack access to a qualified abortionists.

“This bill’s true purpose is to help increase abortion profits at the cost of quality of care. We cannot gamble with women’s lives for the benefit of the abortion industry’s bottom-line,” added Macias. “While the author claims to remain speechless – she refuses to seriously address the reality that women are truly hurt emotionally, physically, and spiritually by abortion.” Cherish vows to remain steadfast in their opposition and will work to repeal the new law.


One must also wonder why the LA Times took the time to attack our ministry? Ms. Abcarian has abused her position as a journalist in an attempt to discredit our work to defend women and children.

Her message is clear: our work to protect women’s safety is a threat to the abortion industry’s profits.

This is a reminder of how important and impactful our work remains in this state. We will not be bullied into silence and with your help will continue to lead the charge toward a pro-life California.

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About Steve Macias

Steve Macias is the Executive Director of Cherish California’s Children and founder of the St. Anselm Leadership Institute. Steve and his Wife, Sarah, live in California's gold country and are members of Church of the King Sacramento.

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