Responding to Abortion Biblically

It is God’s people who are to confront those who plan evil and call them to  repentance: We are, as the Prophet Ezekiel says, to blow the trumpet warning of impending danger or else the blood is on our hands as well!  Or as we read in Proverbs

“Whoever is slack in his work is a brother to him who destroys”

This is what God was explaining to Solomon: IF God’s people failed in these duties then they must turn from their wicked ways before God will hear their prayers. Failure to do so led to the exile of Israel to Babylon: Failure to stop Herod led to death of many innocent children and failure in a few short years would lead to the crucifixion of the Lord of Glory and the final destruction of Jerusalem.

So how should we, as God’s people, properly respond to the great sin of abortion in the United States, where millions of unborn children have lost their lives every year since 1973?

As always, it begins by believing God’s promises:

  •  The gates of hell will NOT prevail against the proper work of Christ’s Church!
  •  Christ must reign until He has put ALL His enemies under His feet and that the last enemy to be destroyed is death!

The proper response is to heed the whole counsel of God for all of life:

  1. Right Worship
    — Good soldiers properly commissioned
  2. Right Living
    — Soldiers who hear & DO the Words of Jesus
  3. Right Confrontation
    — Proclaiming God’s truth in the public square
  4. Right Mercy
    — LIVING God’s truth in the public square
  5. Right prayers
    — Prayers which God can now hear!

 Will our nation collapse as many kingdoms before have done when they abandoned God?
 Will we see another great revival as the Church calls our people to repentance by turning from their wicked ways?

We certainly hope, work and pray for the later!

About John Stoos

Pastor John Stoos currently is Vice President of Cherish California’s Children and currently serves as Pastor of Church Of the King Sacramento. John and his wife Linda live in Sacramento where they enjoy their six children and twenty-three grandchildren.

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