About Cherish

Our Christian Heritage:
The pro-life movement did not originate in 1973, it originates from the word of our God. He has interwoven into every doctrine the unwavering standard of justice and mercy for all.


Our Mission:
Helping Mothers, Saving Babies. Cherish California’s Children focuses on making all mothers aware of faith-based services that are available to assist them.


Our Programs:
Over the years, Cherish’s mission has evolved to meet California’s cultural challenges through social development and educational resources for organizations, families and Churches.


Our Leadership:
Our team includes experienced leaders not only in Pro-life ministry, but in the fields of education, business, specialized learning needs and social entrepreneurship who are passionate about our work.


Our PAC works to make California a place where mothers and children are protected by identifying, supporting, and electing pro-life candidates in California at the state and local level.


Our Newsroom:
For media inquiries, please contact us at 916-705-5624 or visit the Cherish Newsroom.