St. Anselm Leadership Institute

Our Mission

The St. Anselm Leadership Institute seeks to advance the presuppositional pro-life ethic in the tradition of Christian evangelization. Since the Early Church, pro-life activism has been a ministry of the Christian Church. The controversy between pro-life and pro-abortion ideologies is in principle an antithesis between two complete systems of thought involving ultimate commitments and assumptions. The pro-life ethic that opposes abortion, euthanasia and infanticide is based on the morality of the authoritative truth of God’s Holy Word.

Thus the hope of our institute is not to develop piece-meal replies, probabilities, or isolated evidences but rather an attack upon the underlying presuppositions of the pro-abortion system of thought. The pro-abortion worldview does not stem from a lack of factual evidence, but from its refusal to submit to the authoritative word of God from the beginning of its thinking. The St. Anselm Leadership Institute teaches Christians of all ages how to succeed as pro-life advocates in academia, politics, activism, and the media.

Who was St. Anselm?

St. Anselm of Canterbury (1033-1109) was a zealous and heroic defender of the Christian faith. It was St. Anselm who helped to span the historical and theological gap between the labors of men in the early Church and the groundwork that led finally and directly to the Reformation in Europe. Our Motto “Credo Ut Intelligam” which means “I Believe So That I May Understand” is from St. Anselm’s work Proslogion. This simple statement is the basis of our apologetic work as we transform culture through faith in our Triune God.

Continuing the Anselmian tradition, we place the Church as the institution of cultural change through the worship of our Holy God. When the church has transformed societies in the past, she has done so through works of love. In 1102, St. Anselm led the charge against the slave trade in a national ecclesiastical council at Westminster. The Church decreed, “Let no one hereafter presume to engage in that nefarious trade in which hitherto in England men were usually sold like brute animals.” Faithfulness to the Holy Scriptures brought an end to the slave trade through all the Christianized world, by the same means will the pro-abortion movement see its end.

Admission to the program is currently by invitation only.